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KeyLeader is a service of the Judah Foundation, a non-profit group involved in leadership training as well as humanitarian issues around the world.
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About KeyLeader
About Judah Foundation

KeyLeader is a web based leadership training site designed to bring some of the best in leadership and thought to Christians in leadership. Featuring insightful articles from a global team of practitioners, KeyLeader will be an international voice to an international audience.
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Leadership Means More Than...
By John Maxwell

Why do so many people in our society make it their goal to climb the corporate ladder and get to the top? In this article you will discover how the great leaders -- those who've made it to the top and earned the right to remain there -- understand that there's a lot more to being in charge than power and fun. Click here to read more.

Reflections on Themes in Servant - Leadership
By Larry Spears

One of the terrible ironies of human history has been that religion and spiritual beliefs have been at the root of some of the deepest conflicts. What is needed is a new type of servant - leader. Click here to read more.

The Leader and the Power of Encouragement
By Lobomir Hlavacka

In this international series article, leaders are challenged to encourage others as an important part of their call to Christian leadership and responsibility. Click here to read more.

Challenge and Passion: The Keys to Leadership Longevity
By Sam Farina

We've all seen leaders crash and burn at the height of their leadership. In this pivotal article, discover five key decisions every leader must make in order to avoid burn out. Click here to read more.

Economics for Leaders
By Paul Alexander

The real issue facing church leaders in the new millennium is not proclamation but organization. Leaders need to get a sense of economics into their organizational structure in order to succeed and be significant. Click here to read more.

Leaders in Relationship
By Martin L. Steel

The epitaph for King David could very easily have been, "Killed a giant and then died!" Instead, we read in Acts 13:36 that David "served his generation according to the will and purpose of God and then fell asleep." In this article, the author discusses some important benefits of being in relationship. Click here to read more.


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